Workplace Happiness and Performance

3 min readAug 5, 2022

Providing Your Employees with the Best for Success

It is essential for a company to maintain a clean work environment. There are many reasons to uphold a healthy and sanitized atmosphere. Perhaps it’s time to investigate how your facility can be impacting the health of your employees, customers, and partners. Below we will take a look at how cleanliness and atmosphere impacts your workplace. The long term effect is an enhancement of your workplace culture and the net effect is an increase in revenue.

Indoor Air Quality

While most commercial buildings don’t have severe issues, even the most well-maintained facilities can have episodes of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ within a facility has significant impacts on employees’ health, cognitive function, and comfort. Employees spend a great amount of time sitting at their desk, meaning they spend all day breathing the air in your facility. Poor IAQ affects employee response time, ability to focus, and may also affect their productivity.

Indoor air quality should always be a consideration in maintaining a healthy work environment for employees. According to the OSHA, poor indoor air quality is related to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Pollutants are generally separated into three categories — chemical, biological, and particulate. There are options to promote the IAQ in your workplace. These include keeping your workplace clean, maintaining your HVAC system, changing filters regularly, and conducting regular air tests.


There are significant effects that adequate lighting has on employees such as a decreased depression and improvement in energy, mood and productivity. Dim lights cause unnecessary strain on the eyes, resulting in eye fatigue and headache, while brighter lights can increase workplace productivity and performance by enhancing employee alertness. More results are fewer illnesses and happier workers, further encouraging increased satisfaction among the workplace.

Solutions for your facility’s lighting include ensuring proper adequate lighting with modern lights, and adjusting temperature of light (measured in Kelvin) based on season and mood. Color temperature refers to how “cool” or “warm” the light is. Warmer colors have shown to facilitate drowsiness, while cooler temperatures promote productivity by 19.4%. Other benefits include lowering melatonin, which is created in our glands and helps us sleep. Blue or cooler lights should be in brainstorming rooms for workers to be excited and share their ideas, while warmer tones create a sense of comfort, this lighting is helpful in a room where you want to emit trust and keep your employees calm and relaxed.


The standard level of cleanliness experienced at any given day is expected everyday to make a good impression on everyone, from employees to guests. A lack of cleanliness results in lower productivity and employee morale. When our space is a mess, so are we. Having a clean facility makes the workplace more professional and respected, and when employees are happier they would rather spend time being productive than avoiding tasks or calling in sick.

It is important for businesses to have cleaning strategies in place for a safer culture that impacts the health of employees and guests. This is why it is important to invest in cleaning procedures and being more organized. Having an overall clean workplace is important, so that when your attention is not on the facility tidiness, the standard level of cleanliness is still one that will impress.

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