The Effect of Corporate Support on Employee Innovative Behavior featuring Colin Berry

2 min readJun 30, 2022


Building a Quality Culture

Colin Berry joined Pegasus in early 2020 and then spent the next 9 months working from home! Since coming back to the office he has enjoyed the camaraderie of the office. Colin has always been a car guy. He likes following a set of instructions to fix, maintain or improve a car and then see the results afterward. He liked the order that the Quality Management System brings to a company and how there should never be a process that a company follows that doesn’t have some instructions. Colin has a saying that goes “If you always follow the procedure, you’ll never be wrong.” His goal as the VP of Quality and Corporate Support is to improve the quality of the company and the product delivered to our customers. “We can always make things better than they are now, and I want to build the systems and procedures that make that happen.”

What is the role of technology in building a quality culture?

Communication is important in a Quality Culture and Pegasus leverages technology to ensure there is constant and efficient link between our Operations and Quality teams.

How does corporate support maintain high employee morale?

Employees at Pegasus are supported by a team of training and safety professionals that help to maintain their self-confidence and attitude by providing a safe place to work. Safe, well-trained employees that go home as healthy as they came into work is the goal.

How can increased corporate support improve workflow?

Part of the mission of our corporate support team is to boost the efficiency of our workforce through training and requiring safe practices. Less time away from work caused by injuries, better understanding of tasks and job requirements and a Quality Management system to guide the processes all improve workflow.

Can you tell us about Pegapedia and changes you’ve seen since the introduction of the tool?

Pegapedia is an online resource that allows any user with internet access to obtain documents and forms they need for their work. The days of asking someone to email you a form so you could complete a task is over! Find it now on Pegapedia.

What other resources, that are unique to Pegasus, have been implemented to increase employee efficiency?

Docusign is an application that allows a form to be routed from a creator to an employee, through their manager and back to the creator all by text. The efficiency gained by using this system has been huge. Smartsheets is a tool that lets a user create a form that can be filled out and submitted all from one location without having to save and then email it.




We create and maintain clean, healthy, and safe indoor environments.