National Custodian Day 2022

2 min readSep 27, 2022


Uplifting Our Custodians Year-Round

National Custodian Day, celebrated on October 2, is an annual celebration of custodial workers across the country. Our dedicated and hardworking employees are the foundation of the business, and their attitude is what supports our relationships with our customers. There is no longevity in a business that does not care for its employees as much as its customers.

Custodians are also often unappreciated, especially since many, including some of ours, work after facility hours. This is one of the reasons we spare no effort to make our employees feel appreciated and valued.

Pegasus Possibilities, Recognition, and Perfect 10!

Aside from helping our employees achieve their goals of a better living for their family with the Possibilities Program, Pegasus implemented the Employee Recognition Program, and Perfect 10 Luncheons. When employees are displaying leadership qualities, or are caught in a good act, they are rewarded with a gift card. When one of our customers rates our services a “Perfect 10,” our CEO, Jeff Becker, visits them at work with lunch and a gift of appreciation for each team member.

Simple gestures can make any day special. It isn’t hard to let custodial workers know that they are appreciated. National Custodian Day aims to bring them into the spotlight, especially for putting themselves and their families at an increased risk since the 2020 pandemic. If custodians were to disappear, we would notice a difference overnight.

Ways to Let Your Custodians Know You Appreciate Them

Take time to recognize Custodian Appreciation Day 2022 and show your appreciation. A few ways are to decorate your facility or give a gift of appreciation, let your custodians know how much they mean to you, and paying attention to the little things and picking up after yourself. Make an effort to bring employees together with team lunches and celebrations, since they may not be constantly working near each other. Gift cards and personalized items that are unique to your team member’s personality make great gifts. Consider having other employees sign a handwritten appreciation card.

Keep in mind that National Custodian Day only comes once a year, but your team works hard year-round.




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